Sugarmill Woods Bulletins

The President of the Civic Association frequently distributes Sugarmill Woods Bulletins via email to residents who have requested to receive such bulletins and have provided their email address for such purpose. All email addresses are considered confidential and are not shared with anyone. The current distribution list is about 1,950 email addresses and is maintained by the Membership Chair of the Sugarmill Woods Civic Association.

February 28,2023

Sugarmill Woods Civic Association members,
We continue to work toward you having the opportunity to be heard on the noise issue coming from the Suncoast Extension.  A letter from Congressman Bilirakis, Senator Ingoglia, Representative Massullo, and Commissioner Finegan was sent to FDOT on our behalf.  We appreciate the support of our leaders in helping us with this matter.  This is a copy of the reply they received.
I have sent the following letter to Carol Scott attempting to arrange a time for the meeting.  So thank you for your patience and allowing us to take proper steps to have your opinions heard. The Civic Association continues to work with your POA/HOA Presidents and we will let you know when the meeting date and time is set.
Carol Scott,
I received a copy of your response to Congressman Bilirakis, Senator Ingoglia, Representative Massullo, and Commissioner Finegan regarding the Sugarmill Woods community in Citrus County.  My name is James Pirotta and I am the President of the Sugarmill Woods Civic Association (SMWCA). We had invited Congressman Bilirakis and Commissioner Finegan to speak at our annual meeting and one of the main concerns from those attending was the noise coming off the Suncoast extension.
I also called and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Anil Sharma, General Consultant to Florida's Turnpike Enterprise about the concern the residents have.  We appreciate your willingness to speak with the residents and listen to their concerns, trying to come up with a solution to help.
When would you like to schedule the meeting?  If you offer a couple dates and times to choose from, I will share it with the board and select a date for our community to meet with you.
James Pirotta
President SMWCA