Sugarmill Woods Directory of Residents


As a service to our community, the Sugarmill Woods Civic Association provides an annual  Directory of Residents, available to anyone who lives in Sugarmill Woods.  

A telephone directory for the Sugarmill Woods community has been published by the Civic Association since 1979. It began as a simple mimeographed document of a few pages, but has grown into a handsome, professionally published directory that is a major pride of the community.

The heart of the directory is a data base of residents, their addresses, phone numbers, previous or current occupations, and their resident city and state before moving to Sugarmill Woods.

Listings in the book are in several forms: alphabetical, by street address and by previous home towns. The advertising section in the back of the directory provides revenue that helps support the Civic Association’s work and helps to pay for the publishing and mailing of the directory each year.

A Membership Application is included in each year's book.

No one is included in the directory without their approval, though all residents are encouraged to provide their information. A common misconception is that only members of the Civic Association are listed and receive a copy of the directory.

Every resident is welcome to be listed and the Association makes an effort to distribute the book to every household in Sugarmill Woods.  Extra copies are provided to the property owners' association offices and are available for new residents and snowbirds.

One request of all homeowners is if you know of a friend or neighbor no longer residing in Sugarmill Woods, please contact us at [email protected] so that their listing can be removed. It will also help if current residents encourage new residents to complete the Membership Application form and be included in the next issue of the directory.