Message from the President (March 2024)

To all residents of Sugarmill Woods

A new board is in place and we would like to welcome the new board members; Lucy Desiderio, Guy Zingaro, Bonnie Teska, and Duane Miller.

We also would like to thank departing board members whose terms were up; Theresa Poist, Marie Steidel, and Steve Romer for their many years

of time and efforts to make the civic association what it is today.

Your civic association is not part of your HOA or POA.

When you pay your annual dues that goes to them. We are a completely different group. We do so
much to support all three villages and are asking every resident or property owner to give us your
support for 2024. Since 1980, this organization has been part of every battle to preserve our three
villages and work for the common good of all our property owners/residents. Here is some of what we
did in 2023:
 We helped Oak Village win their battle to keep Village Center Circle zoning from changing from
single family homes to a rental complex of multiple housing units. (2-4-and 8)
 We are helping Southern Woods in their battle with a similar housing change in their village.
 We supplied legal support to the villages and continue to do so.
 We published our annual phone book of just Sugarmill Woods residents.
 We supported and/or offered support to all three villages with grants for new mailboxes.
 We held many classes which you were invited to attend:
o The Sherriff’s office on scams to the elderly.
o Genealogy classes on how to begin.
o Duke Energy on how to save on your electric bill.
o The water expo to learn how to save on your water bill.
o CPR class to be able to save a life.
o Provided AEDs to the three country club locations for the safety of residents.
o Hurricane preparedness by Chris Evan Citrus County Emergency Management
o Medicare on what are best practices in what is available to you.
o Bi-annual clean up in both Spring and Fall where we collected carloads of old
prescriptions, shredded mounds of paper, and your donations helped feed the needy
and provide clothing.
o Provided needed underclothing to our local elementary school for student accidents.
o And the list goes on …

We hope to expand our offerings in 2024. We invite you to be part of this awesome organization with
your annual dues of only $15. We believe $1.25 per month to support this tremendously successful
organization is well worth your consideration. If you have joined - Thank you!  If not be please do and mail to Sugarmill Woods Civic Association, Inc., 108 Cypress Blvd. W., Homosassa, FL 34446. We are looking to expand our board of directors. If you're interested in helping, please email: [email protected] I would like to thank our current board for their continued service to our community.



James Pirotta 
President SMWCA



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